Record of maintenance and development

February 2003: Main site developed and posted

April 2003: Births database redesigned and reordered

20/4/2003: Marriage and Deaths databases redesigned and reordered; Main features of William Empson's story added

22/4/2003: Broken link to Don Empson's site repaired

27/4/2003: Initial material from British Record Society Index Library posted, minor typo's corrected, banner redesigned, patents information added.

3/5/2003: Patents page tidied up and information added, minor changes to design made.

5/5/2003: Alfred Walker Empson information added; Minor typos corrected.

17/5/2003: Glitch in Marriages 1837 - 1900 repaired.

29/12/2003 Correction to Marriages 3x

30/12/2003 Minor amendments and formatting to Empson inventions

31/12/2003 Wills 1973 to 1977 inc. posted and minor corrections made.

24/2/2004 Minor amendments to wills page (1922). Wills to 1983 added.

16/4/2004 Reference to earlier web site deleted.

23/4/2004 1881 census pages added

28/4/2004 Minor typos amended

2/5/2004 Empsonian Logic 7 added.

4/5/2004 Minor amendments to BMDs following feed back from mail list

15/5/2004 Pam Downes amendments to Births 1837-1899 posted

17/5/2004 Different version of Births 1837-1899 posted

23/5/2004 Houses page added.

29/4/2004 Deatils of Croome Court added.

6/6/2004 Revised 1881 census page posted. First additional information sheet posted

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