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Available Information

Selling the Birthright!

Information about properties with an Empson connection

Birth, Marriages and Deaths:
Vital information about persons named Empson as recorded at the General Registry Office between 1837 and 1996. (Births currently until 1989).

Wills, Probate & Letters of Administration:
Index entries to registers of wills for persons named Empson who died leaving a will or for whom an Admon was recorded between 1858 and 1995.

1881 Census:
Details of all households comprised of or containing persons named Empson from the 1881 Census of England and Wales.

Empson Inventions:
Index details of patents taken out to protect inventions by persons named Empson between 1800 and 1900.

Empsonian Logic*
Issue No.7 - "Love Across the Seas".

This is a newsletter for everybody interested in the Empson family name. Back issues may be viewed on Don Empson’s web site (see below). To be added to the mailing list for future editions contact Dick

Commonwealth War Graves:

Persons named Empson who have fallen in two world wars. (To come).

Photographic Collection:

Photographs related to Empsons from (mostly) around the U.K. (To come).

William H Empson:

A true hero of the American Civil War. The story of a prisoner of war in Confederate prison camps.

The British Record Society Index Library

A collection of (mostly early) references to the use of the name Empson. (Not yet complete)

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Keeping in Contact:

There is a worldwide network of people interested in the Empson family name. The following are some links to researchers’ with web pages who may have information to share with you:

· Don Empson: Author of 'The Empson Families in America'. His web site has information about American Empsons, back issues of Empsonian Logic* and other interesting material. (Hint: Go to the bottom of the first page and click on "Next Page").

· David Empson: TThis site holds a wealth of information about 'Oxfordshire' Empsons and associated families. There is a message board as well as material on David's family's wider interests. ire' Empsons, a message board and other fascinating material ab

· Mark Empson: This is a fascinating and rapidly developing site which while based in New Zealand, draws in information and data relevant to Empsons around the world. There is a message board which promises to act as a problem solving resource and contact point for researchers.

There is also an Empson mailing list at Rootsweb. Worth a go but the traffic appears to be mainly from American researchers.


In addition there is a much wider group of people interested in the name of Empson who correspond with one another from time to time. If you contact me about your interest or branch of the family it is likely that you can be put in touch with one or more of these who might be willing to share information.