This collection of references to the name Empson comes from a collection of 100 or so volumes published by the British Record Society and housed in Birmingham Library.

The index library is a collection of indexes to English historical records published by the British Record Society to facilitate the study of English history and genealogy.

More information about the index can be found at the British Library: Click here

More Information about the British Record Society with details of how to purchase volumes both printed and on microfiche can be found here: Click here

In transcribing the records I have tried wherever possible to eliminate contractions and short-hand notes and where additional explanations are provided, these have also been included. I have taken every care to transcribe the records accurately but would be happy to hear from anyone who finds an error or can provide further explanation.

I am posting up the transcriptions in the order that the volumes were published by the society. This is not always logical so readers will have to search the list for the voumes which complete a particular series. Once the transcription is complete I hope to provide references to enable readers to do this more readily. I am transcribing the volumes in no particular order - I have to have some excitement in my life!

These references are a source only. No real guidance is given here as to where the actual documents are stored, the relevant County Archive would be a good start of course. I would be happy to help anybody (particularly overseas researchers), locate a particular document. Hopefully those who obtain further details of a document would be willing to share it with others and in such cases I will make a reference to how to go about it within the text.

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